Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all our mobile applications and any other service we offer. We are committed to transparency regarding how we handle user data. Please carefully review the following information:

Data Collection:
We do not collect or transfer any user data unless explicitly stated below.

We do not collect or transfer any data to us or third parties. Our advertising practices fully comply with Google's mobile advertising policies. The Advertising ID is used by Google's mobile advertising.
Learn more: https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads

We use Google Analytics and Firebase products and fully comply with their privacy policies.
Learn more:

You cannot use our apps in any way that might be illegal, unlawful, or involve dishonest behavior under local and international laws. Users must remove our apps from their devices if they have any doubts.

Handling of User Data:
We handle user data transparently, disclosing access, collection, use, handling, and sharing practices. The use of data is limited to policy-compliant purposes disclosed in this document.

Third-Party Code (SDK):
If our app includes third-party code, such as an SDK, we ensure that it complies with Google Play Developer Program policies. Our SDK providers are required not to sell personal and sensitive user data from our app, irrespective of whether data is transferred after being sent to a server or embedded in the app.

Microphone access:
The device's microphone will be used only after user action, such as clicking the recording button. The audio will be saved locally in your device. We do not collect or transfer any audio data to us or to third party.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:
We reserve the rights to update this privacy policy at any time. Feel free to check the update date at the bottom of this page.

This document was last updated on February 26, 2024.